What type of photography do you do?

It all boils down to this: I strive to capture dynamic, timeless images with enthusiasm and honesty. My style is largely journalistic, with bits of fine art flair throughout. I’m very hands-off in my coverage of the day (and even a bit sneaky to get those candid shots of the guests!), but I still believe there’s a time and place for lovely posed images of the couple together. So while I won't stop you and make you pose during your first dance, I would like about twenty minutes (or more!) alone with you both sometime during the day (usually right after family formals or during a first look— or both) to create some images of you as a couple without your friends or family around watching. I always make sure to get shots of the details of the wedding: from your centerpieces to your shoes, so my images will capture all those little things you might have missed during the excitement of the day. My photos of the guests at the wedding are almost entirely journalistic. I don’t pull groups away from the fun for posed photos or stop people while eating for those “table shots”, instead I prefer to capture them laughing, dancing, drinking, and generally having a wonderful time.

If you had to describe your style in three words what would it be?

Adventurous, enthusiastic, and creative. 

Can I give you a list of shots we want on the day?

Other than the family formals, no. I love to know what important relatives and friends will be present, and if any events or details bear special significance to you, but tons of requests for posed images and having a checklist for me to work from is counterproductive to the images you've seen here on my website. "Shot lists" provided by most bridal magazines are a great idea, but please know that I generally will capture those images without any prompting. I always ask for meaningful details & what groupings you'd like for family formals on my pre-wedding form— it gets sent out 4-6 weeks before the wedding. 




Do you work with a second shooter?

Not typically. I offer the option if you plan to have an exceptionally large wedding or a wedding that has different elements spread across town, but I’ve found it unnecessary for 95% of the weddings I’ve photographed. If you're unsure as to how the day can be documented by only one photographer please check out the weddings posted on my blog— I have an incredible knack for seeming to be in more than one place at once! Let me know if this is something you're interested in and we can review your timeline to figure it out together.

Do you travel?

Yes! My passport is up to date and I love nothing more than a good adventure. I'd love to go wherever you are— from your own backyard all the way to Timbuktu. Travel is billed very simply— if airfare, hotel and a rental car are needed you are responsible for a direct reimbursement for those charges and no more. Travel outside of the Louisville area, but still within a few hours drive is priced at 55 cents a mile.

How long does it take to get our products and images?

Typically a couple of online preview images will be posted within a week of the wedding date and the digital files will be shared within six weeks of the wedding date. You’ll usually have your images much earlier than when I promise them, but I do like to be safe. The time for fine art products to become available varies depending on many factors, but three to six weeks from the order date is a fairly a safe estimate.

How many pictures will we get?

The number of photographs taken depends on many things — the number of guests, hours of coverage, types of events. My minimum is 400 images, but very often it's higher.

Do we get to keep the negatives? 

I provide the selected, edited high-resolution digital files (the digital equivalent of negatives). When the files are released to you they may be used for personal use only. I do retain the copyright to the images and the right to use them for promotional purposes, competition, professional review, and so on. The contract acts as a written release that will allow you to make unlimited personal prints and copies for your friends and families.

Can we upload our photos to Facebook or Instagram once we get the files?

Yes! Social media is a wonderful way to share your photos. As stated in the contract, you may use your images for personal use only. If you want to share them make sure you put "" as a comment or caption under each photo and please don't crop or alter the photo in any way. I always appreciate being tagged in the photo as well. You can find me on instagram @sarahkatherinedavisphotography or on

Do we get all the raw, unedited files from the day?

No, these files are not available for viewing or purchase. This is a lot like asking a restaurant to give you the leftover ingredients used to make your dinner. The images selected for editing and final delivery reflect my high standards and everything else is not archived in the studio. I promise you don't want all the photos of people blinking, walking in front of the lens, or those unfortunate double chins that sometimes sneak up.

I see some people have more images than others. Why is that?

Please understand that the blog posts of different weddings all vary based on many things— length of the day, number of guests, how many events were covered in a day, rehearsal dinner coverage, full weekend coverage, etc. Every wedding is different, so each will result in a differing number of final images.

Do you do engagement sessions?

Yes! I offer a complimentary engagement session for all couples who book a wedding with me. Engagement sessions not only allow you to have images for your save the dates or for placing around the reception, but they also give us a chance to work together before the wedding so you’ll feel more comfortable in front of the camera and so we have a chance get to know each other better. Please take note that most engagement sessions need to be done Monday-Thursday because of wedding scheduling, but there is occasionally additional availability on the weekends. Complimentary engagements need to take place in Louisville and cannot be traded for other goods or services. (Engagements outside of a wedding package are 500.)

I don't need an engagement session. Can I trade it for more hours or products?

The engagement session cannot be transferred over to other services/products or passed on for credit. Offering an engagement session is a great way for me to get to know a couple prior to their wedding day and to make them feel more comfortable in front of the camera as well. I included the engagement session into my base collection (instead of having couples pay extra) to allow all of my couples the benefit of the engagement session and all that comes with it. Ultimately, I don't think anyone wants to share their wedding day with a stranger, so I always try to advocate for the session as much as I can— I see it more about the experience and relationship that comes out of it (with the pictures being an awesome bonus.)

What do you charge?

Weddings begin at $3,250 and include eight hours of wedding day coverage, post-processing, high-resolution images with printing rights, online hosting for 10 years, and a complementary engagement session. 

Additional hours or products can be added on a la carte. Extra hours can be added on at the rate of 400/h up to 10 hours and 700/h after 10 hours. Albums begin at 300.

Please contact me for additional details— I also offer elopement pricing if you're going that way!




Do you have insurance?


My venue needs a certificate of insurance. Can you provide that?

Yes. I do request that you let me know at least two months in advance of the wedding as it does take time for my insurance company to process and provide that document.

What kind of camera do you have?

Nikon D3s as well as the Nikon D4s as my primary bodies. Nikon D600 for my back-up body. I shoot with all prime lenses, favoring my 35mm, my 85mm, 105mm and my 50mm. I bring two Nikon Speedlight SB-800s, although I prefer to work with available light when possible.

How long have you been in business?

I shot my first wedding in 2007 and founded my business officially in 2010—shooting over 100 weddings since then.

Can you hold a date for me?

I'm sorry, but I can't hold the date or pencil you in. To be fair to everyone I can't reserve a date without a retainer and a signed contract. I accept bookings on a first come/first served basis.

What is your payment schedule like?

A retainer of 50% of your total balance is due to reserve your date. The remainder is due 30 days prior to your wedding.

I have to cancel my wedding. Can I have my retainer back?

Regretfully, no. The retainer fee and all monies paid are non-refundable. The retainer guarantees that I will hold the date exclusively for you and once you've signed the contract I do turn down all other commissions for that date.

If we run overtime, will you stay?

Of course! Additional hours will be billed at my current rate— I will stay only with your permission and approval that I continue coverage. I will bill you for those hours once I get back into the studio.

Do you offer discounts during the off-season or for non-weekend events?

Occasionally discounts are available— they are based on time of year, my travel schedule, and availability. If you have concerns about your budgetary needs, please contact me to let me know.

Do we need to feed you at the reception?

Yes, it would be really wonderful if you did. It doesn't need to be the same as your sit-down meal (many caterers offer "vendor meals" as an add-on option) but feeding me ensures that I stay pleasant, mobile, and that I don’t faint from starvation or start taking out of focus images because I can’t see straight! I like to be fed when you are fed, not afterwards, because no one wants photos of themselves while eating and that way when you're done, I will be done as well to continue your coverage. (Also sometimes sunset lines up with dinner and we can sneak away together for 5 minutes once you all finish eating to make some sunset magic together!)

Can our guests take pictures with their cameras? Will that bother you?

Yes, they are welcome to take photos. I do request they try not to jump in front of me while I’m shooting and that they not swarm the family photographs (I’d really prefer all eyes facing my camera in your images), but I don’t mind at all if they snap away from the background. I do not allow any family or friends to come along for the images of you two alone for privacy purposes and because other people can be seriously distracting! I welcome other cameras during dancing, cake cutting, and other events— but I do ask politely that people not push me out of the way and generally respect my presence. (I once got elbowed by a very aggressive grandmother so that she could get the shot she wanted— no lies!)