Adventurous Hiking Engagement Session by Louisville Kentucky Wedding Photographer Sarah Katherine Davis Photography


For Jess & Jared's engagement session we did a hike that I first discovered with my spouse. As soon as we climbed down into the ravine I was blown away by the tiny waterfalls, the moss-covered rocks, and all of the ferns and vegetation. It felt like we had been transported to our very own Fern Gully. Since then, I have been back more times than I can count to watch the light and figure out how I wanted to photograph it. It's a really tricky environment and admittedly I'm still confused and excited about how the light comes in. Since the walls of the ravine are so steep, the sun only peeks through between eleven and three...notably the "worst times" to shoot. But we all know that "worst time" just means "most challenging" time and that there is no bad light. The last time I visited to location scout I put up a hammock and watched how the sun moved across the space for a couple of hours— then I finalized the timing with these two. I absolutely love how their images turned out. I'm excited to get back out there again in the late summer or early fall - now that the leaves have come in on all the trees the light gets even more complicated because everything has a bit of a green tint and the shadows in some areas get a little muddy. I can't wait to crack that code.

Anyway, enough of me fangirling over complicated light. I just like a challenge! Jess & Jared were so much fun to adventure with. I love when couples are down to get a little messy and explore amazing (& harder to reach) places with me. It's also really fun to get the chance to talk as we hike a trail together. The whole thing has me so excited for their fall wedding!!

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