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Summer Parklands Engagement Session by Louisville, Kentucky Wedding Photographer Sarah Katherine Davis


Just looking back through this gorgeous summer engagement session has me already missing the peak-season greenery...but if we're being completely honest I'd trade all that in for the cooler weather that is *supposed* to be coming sometime soon. These two were a joy to photograph— they make each other laugh so easily, their fashion choices are right up my alley, and their tattoos complement each other's perfectly. I had such a wonderful time showing them all my favorite paths in The Parklands.

Reminder about flower fields: flowers are delicate. If you want an image of someone sitting while surrounded by flowers, look for a rock or dirt area for them to sit on so that you don't crush the blooms. It'll give the same impression without causing harm. (I know you don't believe me, but look at all the images we got while sticking to dirt and rock! You can't tell at all - which is why I feel the need to bring it up.) A good question to ask is "if one hundred other people did the same thing what would happen?" One hundred people can walk on dirt or rock without an impact, but if 100 people wandered through the flowers then we would lose those flowers fast. The Parklands is pretty good at putting up signage on areas that are delicate or need to rest so you know where to avoid.

Another note for all the photographers out there— make sure to stay current on your permits when you're shooting at a park! The Parklands requires a permit to shoot in all five of their parks, but it is so worth it! They always have clean (and temperature-controlled!) bathrooms, beautiful flowers, and are constantly expanding with new projects! Our financial support is needed to make sure our impact is minimized— and to ensure the parks are well maintained so we always have a beautiful place to explore and to photograph.

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