ice cream

Winter Coffee Shop Engagement by Louisville Kentucky Photographer Sarah Katherine Davis Photography

Sofeia and Rohail were looking for a fun, cozy, and casual vibe for their engagement photos back in December. I threw out a few options, but Louisville Cream was the thing that ultimately brought us to the Nulu neighborhood & can I just say I'm really glad it did! It's my favorite thing when couples sessions end up feeling like a date— we started at Please and Thank You with some chai lattes, then strolled through the neighborhood looking at murals (like Liz Richter's gorgeous floral one on the side of Red Tree), and wrapped things up with the most delicious ice cream at Louisville Cream

I loved how easily they laughed with each other and it's had me looking forward to today for the longest time! This afternoon I'll be heading to Lexington to photograph their Mehndi, tomorrow I'll be back in Louisville for their Shaadi, then at the end of the month I'll be in Greenville, SC for their Valima. I am really looking forward to having multiple days to get to know their friends and family— if they are anything like Sof & Ro then it is going to be THE BEST time. 

I could go on and on, but it's just about time for me to load up the car and head out for all their wedding festivities! If you're looking for more winter couples sessions, then Trent & Kendra's in-home session and Will & Nate's Buffalo Trace distillery session are both perfect for you.