In-Home Couple Session By Louisville Kentucky Wedding & Engagement Photographer Sarah Katherine Davis Photography

It's always exciting to get to take photos of other wedding photographers— especially when they are in-home sessions! There are so many things I love about taking photos at home that it's hard to know where to start, but I'm going to give it a try! In-home sessions allow couples to relax and feel comfortable in a way that isn't always possible out and about— they can choose their own music, they know that they don't have an audience, and if they want to take a coffee break in the middle they totally can. I also love being able to capture an intimate, casual moment in time. Spaces change and people move, but this specific stage in their lives is forever documented in a way that reflects their daily life. 

Trent and Kendra were so much fun to photograph— they are wonderful photographers themselves (check out their work!) and it was really special getting to be in their space. There were so many sweet moments during their photos— Trent singing along to Johnny Cash, Kendra measuring their coffee so precisely, and the two of them being willing to be both silly and serious with me. If you're looking for more in-home sessions Marcos & Aica's Brooklyn home is so sweet and you'll love it.