Japan // Part Three // Tokyo, Kumamoto, & Kagoshima // Travel Photography

Japan // Part Three // Tokyo, Kumamoto, & Kagoshima // Travel Photography

The third and final post in the series of our epic two-week double date adventure in Japan! This one chronicles our adventures in three cities. By the end of the two weeks my back was tired of lugging around my Nikon, so this post uses iPhone 7 images, Instax mini and wide, as well as some from a disposable camera. 

Japan // Part One // Takachiho // Travel Photography

Each year for our anniversary instead of gifts and flowers my partner and I plan a vacation. It's a model I highly recommend— it gets rid of any stress that comes with finding the perfect gift and it gives us a chance to get out of our comfort zones and experience something new together every year. For our fourth anniversary, we had the amazing opportunity to visit friends in Japan for an epic two-week double date. I'm so excited to share some of the images with you all— it will be spread over three posts since there are so many! This post features primarily digital images with a few from a disposable camera thrown in and later posts will include some instant film as well!

Part one covers three days in Takachiho, Miyazaki— Jason and Ruth's current home.