Wool Shop Launch Party

Wool Shop Launch Party, Powerhouse Factories, Newport, KY. 

From their website: "At Wool Shop, we believe that commodities, like clothing, shouldn't be disposable objects that cycle from one season to the next.  Our goal is to create beautiful, high quality goods that improve over time and with wear.  Each Wool Shop garment is designed by hand with meticulous attention to detail to ensure the best possible fit, movement and longevity. And because we use only natural dyes, each garment matures over time in different and unique ways.  No two sweaters (or skeins of yarn) are ever exactly the same. 

Wool Shop works with farms and mills directly to ensure the most responsible processes are being used in the creation of our wool - from the life quality of the sheep to the energy used to run the mill to the dyes used in our color palette.  Our luxury yarn is dyed with only the goods given to us by mother nature - plants, roots, and flowers - and is grown, processed, spun, dyed, and handmade in the U.S.  

Wool Shop is: Kelli Corney & DJ Corney"